Ballerina Music Boxes - Buying the Most Beautiful Gift

Published: 21st January 2007
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Are you thinking about getting a gift for a friend? How about a music box? Music

boxes make great gifts, because they can always cheer you up and put a smile on

your face. Ballerina music boxes are among the most popular, because of their

elegance and beauty.

You probably know what music this person likes, so you can select a music box

that plays a tune that will make her happy. If you have no idea what music she

likes, simply ask. Most music boxes come with only one piece of music, but you

can also find ballerina musical boxes that play several tunes. Also, many places

that sell dancer music boxes let you choose a tune from their list. Usually

you will have to pay an extra fee for that, but at least you can find the exact

music you want.

Since ballerina music boxes are so popular you will not have any troubles finding

the box you like. They come in all shapes and sizes. You can even find ballerina

music jewelry box with would have a spinning dancer on top and a draw to store

your treasures.

Searching for a music box that plays a specific tune, it is a good idea to

ask the sales clerk to help you out. After all, you do not want to spend hours

listening to the tunes of different music boxes. Here is a tip; music boxes

that have the same design and shape usually play the same melody.

How much would a ballerina music box cost me?

Surprisingly, not much. In most shops you can buy stunning dancer music boxes

for under 50 dollars, sometimes even for less than 25 dollars. And with so many

styles available some of them will be on sale, which will save you even more.

Of cause if you want a unique Italian or German music box, that would be more

expensive. Antique music boxes are also much pricier. But it is quite possible

to find a really nice music box for your girlfriend, sister or mother at a reasonable


The easiest way to buy a music box is to look for one online. The best thing

about online shopping is that you do not have to leave your room to buy the

things that you need. So even if you are very busy and don't have time to visit

gift shops, you can find many ballerina boxes on the Internet and select the

ones you like.

Tanya Turner is an owner of Music Box Planet where you can find great selection of ballerina music boxes and helpful tips about getting the best music box

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